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Registrations are being managed on our Learning Management System.

Visit it here: 


visit the site to create your account and choose one of the three options:

Full Registration (Workshop and Conference)


Conference only             


Workshop only                


After early bird (July 31st)


Full Registration (Workshop and Conference)


Conference only              


Workshop only                 


Once logged into the LMS, you will find the three options in the Training catalogue by filtering courses by 'Conferences'.

Education grants to attend the 2019 Conference

We are aware that the cost of registration can be a challenge for some. This year we are again pleased to offer a number of grants to cover this cost. We’re grateful for the support from GlaxoSmithKline New Zealand Ltd.  to make these grants possible.

The grants are for those who would genuinely NOT be able to attend, because the cost of registration cannot be covered either by an employer or personally.

Application can be made by filling out this online form. Please note that the provided information remains confidential to the 2019 NZ Immunisation Organising Committee. Your employer will not be contacted.

Please note that if you also register and pay, you will not be eligible for the grant (ie no refunds).